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Penny Nii, Daughters of Time

The accordion-folded sheet can be pulled out to reveal 56 black and white photographs. The photographs are of the immediate female relations, great-grandmother, grandmothers, mother, my self, my sisters, daughters and nieces shown at various ages. The complete DNS sequence of the 23rd chromosome covers the surfaces of the box and the backing sheet behind the photographs. The Japanese characters on the front and back of the covers are two different character for ‘time.’

12″h x 10″w x 2″d when closed
12″h x 19.25″w x 2″d when opened

Photo montage of multiple generations of women in my family.

Box with an accordion inner structure that pulls out. Japanese washi paper used for the box cover and the accordion book.

Photographs scanned and manipulated in Photoshop; printed on inkjet printer.


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