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Penny Nii, Remember Me

The beauty of the written forms evokes a longing to understand the messages left by those who wrote so long ago. The writings range in time and space, from the un-deciphered Linear A from Minoan Crete to the disappearing Na-khi script from the foothills of Tibet along southwestern China. Each page also contains a letter in various contemporary fonts, just as beautiful as the forgotten scripts, which may some day suffer the same fate. When opened the letters in each page spell “Remember Me.”

Remember Me

What is a story forgotten?
A life lost.
I told my story. Will you read it?
If the words are lost, I am lost.
Remember me.

I try to remember.
What did you mean?
The words are forgotten,
But the markings whisper to me.
I will remember you.

6″h x 4″w

A poem titled Remember Me

According fold.

Printed on an inkjet printer.


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Penny Nii, What Did You Mean? Version 1