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Penny Nii, Decode Me
Penny Nii, Decode Me
Penny Nii, Decode Me

I love to play with the old postage stamp perforation machine, a big, heavy artifact from the Machinery Age. In making a book using patterns of the perforations, I wanted to provide some textual content. I ended up using French knots and stiches to write words in Morse code. The words decoded are: loop, fuzz, ad, moom (miscoded – should be moon), nothing, corners. I have no idea why I picked these words.

8″h x 48″w when open
8″h x 13.5″w when closed

Embroidered Morse code words

Seven folded pamphlets stitched to an accordion-fold backing. The folded cover extends to the length of the opened accordion pages.

Paper, thread, postage stamp perforations


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