Flower for Kara & Stephen
Size:  2”h x 1.5”w
Contents:    Good wishes on a wedding day.
Structure:    Small rings along the spine allow the pages to  open into a circular flower-like form. The opened book can be attached to a wire stem -- it comes with an assembly instruction.
Technique: Printed pages, rubber stamps.
Year:     2003
This was made for Kara and Stephen to be used as a part of a bouquet of books at their wedding. For a book to be incorporated into a bouquet, I felt the book had to satisfy certain requirements.
  1. 1.  be a book on its own right.
  2. 2.  look flower-like, and
  3. 3.  be light enough to be carried on a stem.
Assembly Instruction
1.  Pick up the stem piece and slide off the bottom bead.  You now have two stems.
2.  Open the book into a circular form.
3.  Insert the stem with the stamen from the top of the opened book through both book rings.
4.  Insert the stem with the leaves from the bottom through both book rings AND into the top bead – it will fit.  The trick is to open out the leaves and to keep the stamen and the top bead close to the book edge.
5.  Insert the bottom bead and push up until it fits tightly.
6.  Arrange the stamen and the leaves as desired.
Extra parts are enclosed if things go wrong.